Lock your bike whenever you are not using it, even if you will only be away from it for a short time. For short-term storage, lock your bike in accordance with your municipality's ordinances and properly use a good lock. For overnight or long-term storage, it is best to store your bike in a secure area or bring it inside.

Choosing a lock

Choose a lock specifically designed for bikes. While there are many brands and designs of good bike locks, generally U-locks are considered the most secure. Thin cable locks and chains with padlocks are easily cut. While a good lock can be expense, it’s cheaper than a new bike. Check out your local bike shop for options.

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What to do if your bike is stolen

Report stolen bikes to your local police department. Make sure you include specific details about your bicycle in the report, including the serial number. According to the Minneapolis Police Department:

Be sure to include in your report details about color, make, model, bicycle serial number, registration number, and other unique identifiers. These details not only aid in the identification and recovery of lost or stolen bicycles and return to their rightful owners, they assist investigators with developing useful suspect information.

Keep an eye out in used bicycle markets including Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist, and pawn shops. You can also try posting on the Twin Cities Stolen Bikes Facebook page.