Find everything you need to know to get started riding your bike in the Twin Cities!


Riding a bike is a great way to get where you are going

Using bikes for transportation or recreation is easy and does not require specialized gear or clothing. Whether riding to work, school, run errands or just having fun, the same starting points apply. Of course, there is always more to learn on each subject, so check out lots of the links on your right > > >

Learn to ride a bike

Feeling confident on a bike is the first step. Find a safe space to practice like a parking lot, calm street or gym. You’re never too old to learn how to ride a bike!

Start simple and take it slow

Start by biking to nearby destinations on a nice day at a pace that works for you. As you gain experience, gradually try new kinds of trips to new destinations

Find a reliable bike

If you don’t have a bike, check out this information on bike share opportunities and purchasing a bike.

Check your bike

Check to make sure you bike is ready to ride before you go. Know your ABC's.

Wear what you have

Wear something stylish and comfortable you already own; no need for specialized clothes. If it’s cold, wear warmer clothes. If you get too sweaty, slow down or take something off. Check out our clothing page for more.

Bring a lock and lights

If you need to secure your bike or are riding at night you will need a lock and lights. Although not necessary, additional equipment may make your ride more enjoyable. You can read about stuff beyond locks and lights on the equipment and accessories page.

Research route options

The best route by bike is likely different than when walking or driving and may take some research to find. Utilizing streets and trails designed for bikes can greatly increase the enjoyment of your ride. See routes and navigation.

Follow the rules of the road

Ensure you ride is enjoyable and safe by following the rules of the road.

Check the weather

Check the weather forecast before you go and plan accordingly. Bring clothes for the forecast.

Have a backup plan

Have a plan if you encounter an issue like getting a flat or bad weather. A few options: phone a friend, take the bus or use Metro Transit’s guaranteed ride home program.

Enjoy the ride

Riding a bike should be comfortable and enjoyable. Experiment to find the right bike, clothes, route and speed for you. Only you can determine what works best.

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